the insight learning company

Here at insight we specialises in the design and creation of documentation and training materials for technical and business applications.

From identifying your requirement and gathering the relevant information to presenting it as completed documentation, our team of technical authors have the knowledge, experience and ability required to support your products, services and procedures in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Insight offers a full range of services to meet your business requirements. These include:

  • The authoring of software user guides, reference guides, training guides and similar documentation.
  • The creation of online help to be integrated into your software.
  • The development of animated tutorials.
  • Development of web conferences.
  • Creation of corporate templates.
  • Other technical authoring services include printing.

Insight can provide consultancy, if you require advice about the best methods and working practices for your organisation to develop documentation and publish content. We can also supply additional technical authoring/technical writing resource from our in-house team to help you cope with peak workloads and to meet deadlines.

Take a look at some of our technical authoring work.